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  Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General


The Secretariat consists of the Secretary General and the administrative staff at the UCLG AFRICA Headquarters and at the regional offices of UCLG AFRICA.
The Secretary General is appointed by the Executive Committee and is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the administration and secretariat of the UCLG AFRICA. He/she has full general management responsibility, and is accountable to the Executive Committee.

Roles of the Secretary General

The Secretary General’s role include
* Managing the secretariat,
* Supervising the regional offices of the UCLG AFRICA,
* Taking charge of the implementation of activities and programs of the UCLG AFRICA,


The Secretary General:

1. Represents the UCLG AFRICA in all administrative, technical and financial matters, including legal actions and in justice courts.

2. Is responsible for the appointment of staff to fill vacancies both at the headquarters and at the regional offices, on the approved UCLG AFRICA structure so long as this is done within the constraints or limitations of the approved budget.

3. Develops and submits to the Executive committee for endorsement, a budget in respect of the operational and administrative activities of the UCLG AFRICA, and is responsible for implementing that budget, carrying out the directives of the Executive Committee, and the policies and action plans of the UCLG AFRICA.

4. Attends all meetings of the Executive Committee, save when matters relating to his or her status, salary and benefits are discussed, unless the Executive Committee decides otherwise. The Secretary General shall have no vote in the meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Secretary General may carry out his or her duties with the technical support and assistance of technical support agencies, to the extent that he or she may require as long as the precise terms of the relationship between such agency and UCLG AFRICA have been determined by the Executive Committee following proposals by the Secretary General, and has been recorded in an agreement with such technical support agencies.