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Visions & Missions

Our vision

The vision of the UCLG Africa is "Building the african Unity and Driving the African Development through the Grassroots".


Our mission

Principal goals of UCLG Africa:

  • To promote decentralization in Africa and African local governments as a distinct and autonomous sphere of government.
  • To contribute to the building of African Unity through local governments dynamism aiming at transforming the “Africa of Nations” into the “Africa of People”.
  • To support the setting up and empowerment of national associations of local governments and of individual governments to deliver on their mandates and to engage into structured dialogues with central governments and others pertinent stakeholders.
  • To promote exchange of experiences and best practices among African local governments and with local governments from other regions of the world, the flagship of such platforms of exchange being the Africities Summit organized on a triennial basis by the UCLG Africa.