Following the first Forum for Locally Elected Women of Africa, which was held in Tangier (Morocco) from the 8th to the 11th March 2011, the Network for Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA) was created. REFELA is an integral part of United Cities and Local Government Africa (UCLG-Africa) and represents Locally Elected Women of Africa within the global Women Commission of United Cities and Local Government (UCLG-Women).

Through the network, REFELA members tackle common matters of interest concerning UCLG Africa, by exchanging ideas and information and actively participating in debates. Such dialogues entail discussions on concerns pertaining specifically to locally elected women in Africa, as well as, broader issues regarding local governance as a whole.

All women who exercise an elective role, or have been nominated for similar functions, within a local African community can join REFELA. The network comprises of locally elected women of Africa from the five major African regions: North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

 The Network’s primary objectives are:

  • Propose strategies and implementation methods that better take into account the concerns of women in all aspects within the local community and its development.
  • Encourage the participation of women in politics and in leadership roles with the local authorities and communities.
  • Strengthen the skills of locally elected women through the development and training in leadership and management of local affairs.
  • Provide a platform for African women to voice their opinions and concerns in elected bodies such as UCLG Africa and in the Women’s Commission of UCLG.
  • Provide a networking system for locally elected women, in order to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Strategic Axes <<Pursuit of Gender Equality>>

A certain number of axes, outlined in the ‘Plan of Action’, define REFELA’s key role:

Axis 1: Positioning, implementing and reinforcing the values of REFELA and the Women Commission of UCLG.
Objective: Affirming the position of REFELA through good management, effective media strategies and capacity building programmes.

Axis 2: Promoting the leadership and representation of women in politics and good governance.
Objective: Promoting and supporting the political representation of women within local communities, as well as encouraging their contribution towards the decentralisation process through the implementation of networking, negotiating, capacity building and lobbying mechanisms.

Axis 3: Contribution of REFELA towards the realisation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), in particular MDG 3, in Africa. 
Objective: Ensuring the contribution of the network towards the achievement of the MDG, in particular MDG 3, through the partnership of social enterprises, the government and local communities.

Please click here for further information on Millennium Development Goal 3 on the UN website. 

Contact Us

The REFELA Headquarters are located in the Secreteriat of the United Cities and Local Government-Africa (UCLG-Africa) which is located in Rabat in Morocco.

Telephone : +212.537.26.00.62/63

Fax : +212.537.26.00.60


Address :

Secrétariat Général de CGLU Afrique, 
22 rue Essaadyine, quartier Hassan, Rabat
Royaume du Maroc