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Top 10 Reasons to Join UCLG Africa

1. Become part of the second most important democratic organization on the African continent after the African Union.
2. Gain access to a platform of resources and knowledge based on the exchange of experiences and on scientific work.
3. Benefit from the support of UCLG Africa in your dialogues with your government on critical issues related to decentralization and local governance.
4. Enhance your leadership and management capacity by participating in our programmes.
5. Connect easily with your peers in Africa and beyond.
6. Benefit from exchange of experiences and learning opportunities through the “peer review”.
7. Echo your voice in all regional, continental or global forums that discuss decentralization, governance and local development issues.
8. Join the digital world and cross the digital bridge by owning your own webpage on UCLG Africa Internet portal : “
9. Benefit from assistance in sourcing funds for your activities.
10. Contribute to the dynamics of African integration through decentralized cooperation between local governments, including cross-border decentralized cooperation.

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